10 Creative Ideas on T-Shirt Customization For Men

April 23, 2019

Want to design your own unique T-Shirts? Customizing your own T-Shirts allows you to express your creativity as well as come up with something that’ll truly make an impression. These ten creative ideas will help you come up with the core idea for your next hit T-Shirt.

Idea #1: Turn a Quote into a Shirt

Do you have a favourite quote? Try adding that to a shirt. You can use various fonts to make the “feeling” of the quote come alive.

You can also add an image to the quote. Instead of just having text, add an image that plays well with what the quote conveys.

Idea #2: Be Crass

Vulgar T-Shirts and crass T-Shirts tend to grab a lot of attention. People can’t help but look at them and comment on them. A crass T-Shirt might be graphical or it might be text-based. It’s almost definitely not politically correct.

Idea #3: Make a Political Statement

Is there a political movement that you associate with? Try turning that into your shirt.

You can take a particular idea and make that the central theme of your shirt. You could just put a name on your shirt to show your support. You could put something against the opposition on your shirt.

You can even put your own personal reasons for supporting that political movement.

Idea #4: Make Fun of a Logo

Take a well-known logo and make fun of it. For example, people have turned the “McDonalds” logo into the “McDeath” logo. People have also turned the “Pepsi” logo into the “Sexi” logo.

This kind of logo changing gets people laughing because they immediately see the joke you’re playing.

Idea #5: Creative Arrangement of Shapes and Colors

There’s a lot you can do with colours and shapes. Some of the best T-Shirts on the market are simple splatters of colours in arrangements that really make the whole thing look incredible.

Try playing with regular shapes, like stars, as well as irregular shapes like blood splatters or zig-zags. 

Idea #6: Cartoons, Anime, and Drawings

Another popular T-Shirt idea is to put a cartoon, an anime character or a drawing on your T-Shirt. Try to get a picture of a character that’s inaction or expressing an emotion. For example, the character might be jumping up and down, or they might be cheering on an army.

Be careful with copyright around cartoons and anime. Though it’s unlikely that you’ll get sued for using their artwork for a personal T-Shirt, it’s still best to avoid copyrighted works.

Idea #7: Angels, Devils and Other Epic Artwork

Angels and devils have long been a staple of the T-Shirt designer’s arsenal. They represent something regal and majestic, something beyond the human realm. Other kinds of epic artwork can also do very well.

Look online for inspiration. Look for pictures of angels, devils or other epic or spiritual artwork. You might use that artwork directly, use only a part of it or use it as inspiration to come up with your own drawings.

Idea #8: Satire or Sarcastic Shirts

Satirical or sarcastic shirts always get a laugh. Take a popular idea and add a twist to it. Make fun of a public figure. Take a popular quote and change it around so it has the opposite meaning. Write a sarcastic statement that makes fun of a mainstream idea.

Idea #9: Music

Musical shirts do very well. Thousands of shirts every year are sold using just music.

One type of music T-Shirt prominently features a well-known musician or artist. For instance, you can create a shirt with Bob Dylan on the front.

Another kind of musical T-Shirt might bring a famous quote to life. For instance, you could have a little girl peeking her head out of the clouds with the line “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

Idea #10: A Joke

You can also create a T-Shirt that has a joke as the centrepiece. Use Google to find funny jokes you can put on the T-Shirt, or use your own favourite joke. You can use just part of the joke or the whole thing. Often time’s having just the beginning part of the joke (E.g. “How many Facebook addicts does it take to change a light bulb?”) and not the end part is a good way to start a conversation. People will come up to you and ask the answer.

These are some of the many creative T-Shirt ideas you can use to come up with fantastic T-Shirts.