How America Shops Online On Cyber Mondays

November 20, 2017
How America Shops Online On Cyber Mondays

Come Thanksgiving weekend and all Americans roundup for a session of online shopping. A weekend full of deals and bargains, it culminates with Cyber Monday. Such is the craze for this day that Cyber Monday 2017 recorded the largest online shopping day in U.S. history.

Do we even need to say more? A trend that started with Thanksgiving Day sales, by Cyber Monday sales had rocketed up to a staggering $14 billion. Approximately 78 million Americans participated in the Cyber Monday sales, thus deeming it the official shopping day for all Americans. Here’s a list of things that Americans splashed their money on.

Electronics and Gadgets:

It no surprise that in today’s age, electronic gadgets were the most sought-after products during the Cyber Monday sales. Samsung S8, Microsoft Surface Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro Core were few of the best sellers in this section.

Toys and Games:

No shopping is complete without indulging in a gift shopping consisting of toys and games. While the elders engage themselves with their electronic gadgets, the troublemakers of the household cash on this opportunity to lay their hand on their favorite toys and games. LittleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit and Pie Face Showdown Game were the bestseller toys at Walmart. The best thing about these toys – they are not just for kids; these toys reach out to the adult fanbase of major franchises across America.


Shop till you drop is the best analogy to go with the shopping sprees that Americans engage in with while buying clothes during the Cyber Monday sales. It’s no wonder that everybody loves to be updated with the latest fashion trends by keeping their wardrobe up-to-date. Clothing items that seemed too costly earlier were sold out at great prices. Banana Republic, Levis, J. Crew, Old Navy were a few of the most sought-after brands owing to the great discounts that they offered.


One can never have enough of shoes, and this trend continued during the Cyber Monday sales. Brands such as Foot Locker, Adidas, Cole Haan, and Kenneth Cole turned out to be the best sellers because of the insanely high discounts that they provided.

Beauty Products:

Beauty products are a basic need for every fashionable woman who likes to pamper herself with the best products available on the market. Beauty brands like The Body Shop, Ulta, Nars, Bliss, and Benefit Cosmetics came up with enticing offers that made them an instant this Cyber Monday.

Travel and experiences:

The last thing on the list that Americans plunged themselves into this Cyber Monday was travel and experience that can be enjoyed within and outside the home. Many people opted for Zeel in-home massages at great discounts that let them relax within the comforts of their home. Adventure enthusiasts grabbed the opportunity to book flights and hotels at discounted prices and ended up having a great weekend to look up to soon.

This is how America shops online on Cyber Mondays. If you missed the opportunity, don’t worry, another year will soon be upon us, and with it will come the hope for a better and full of offers Cyber Monday.


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