Top 7 Historical Gift ideas for Valentines Day

March 10, 2018
Top 7 Historical Gift ideas for Valentines Day

Giving a gift from history is an extraordinary way to show your Valentine how much you care. It is a unique present, sure to become a keepsake and an heirloom. Additionally, invoking the past gives weight to your gesture, and helps you to make an impact when showing affection to the one you love.

Check out the local historical society or various online stores to find out how you can purchase your own little piece of history. Some ideas for historical gifts include copies of family crests, memorabilia from a particular event such as a championship game or a famous political demonstration, sanctioned portions of certain historical artifacts such as a World War II jet or a chunk of a seat from your lover’s favorite baseball system. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, and the right historical gift will show your valentine that you know what’s important to them.

A Trip through Time         

Most cities offer walking tours for visitors. These can be strictly historical in nature- pointing out famous monuments, bits of architecture, or colorful anecdotes from the past. Bigger cities might even offer specialized tours such as ghost tours or craft brewery tours. Book a tour for you and your lover this Valentine’s Day and learn something new about the history of your town together.

A Captured Childhood Memory

This gift idea might require a little bit of participation from your loved ones’ family members. On Valentine’s Day, you can celebrate your lover’s personal history by finding something from their childhood that you can locate or possibly recreate. If they had a favorite stuffed animal growing up, see if you can track down another one in good condition over the Internet. If they had a favorite childhood book then surprise them with a specially bound copy, perhaps with a personal note written inside the cover. If there’s a special photograph from their childhood see if you couldn’t set up a date to recreate it- hire a photographer, escort them to the right location, and create a new memory that honors the most treasured parts of their past.

A Gift from the Heavens         

If you visit any museum gift shop you can usually find replicas of many famous works from history; the Thinker, Michelangelo’s David, or even novelty versions of the Mona Lisa. Sometime before Valentine’s Day take your lover on a day trip to the art or history museum and pay attention to which works capture their attention. Then, when you present them with their own replica of their favorite piece, you can be sure to capture their heart.

A Natural Treasure     

In the smash hit novel (and film series) Jurassic Park, scientists used mosquitoes encased in amber to recreate dinosaurs in modern times. That experiment ended in disaster, but you can use the same logic to create a unique Valentine’s Day experience for your sweetheart. Butterflies pressed between glass are a wonderful and exotic work of art, particularly if you can locate an antique specimen from a now extinct species. Likewise, deer shed their antlers once a year, which means you don’t have to go on a hunting expedition to find this beautiful natural wonder. 

An Upcycled Wonder          

Nowadays, with the recent cultural surge of homemade crafts and artisanal goods, combined with the green revolution, there are scores of “upcycled” historical gifts you can find for that special someone.

Upcycled, as opposed to recycled, means a product that has already been used in its original function and has now undergone a transformation to become a new, different, and more valuable product. Many artists are taking pieces of history and blending them with new materials to create unique upcycled gifts that are functional for today while still recalling the past.

Online shopping websites are great places to look for your lover’s upcycled historical present. Examples of upcycled treasures to be found include vintage books that have been remade into journals, old costume jewelry that’s been upcycled into modern wearable pieces, leather goods that have been refashioned with new hardware, printing plates from famous novels that can function as literary art, and previously broken pieces of antique ceramics that have been lovingly repaired with precious materials such as gold or silver.