Trends in Women’s Tennis and Golf Clothing

March 20, 2018
Trends in Women’s Tennis and Golf Clothing

If you’re planning on playing golf or tennis, this article will tell you all about the current and upcoming trends in golf and tennis apparel for women. These trends can ensure that you’re on target fashion-wise on the golf or tennis courts.

Tennis Trends

For this year, the women’s tennis clothing trends are going towards the ultra feminine. Wherever you go shopping for tennis clothing, you’re bound to see lace, frills and other female accouterments. Even if you’re not the lacy, frilly type, there’s court clothing that will make you feel sleek and sexy. One of the more budding trends in women’s tennis clothing is blouson shirt. These types of shirts add just a tiny bit of volume to the bottom half of the shirt, allowing the fabric to be a bit forgiving. (Not that you’ll need it!)

Most women are familiar with crew neck attire. This familiar type of collar extends into a zippered dress that will make any woman feel sporty, attractive and powerful. These dresses are not unlike the ones that were seen on tennis superstars like Maria Sharapova or the Williams sisters.

Almost nothing says “feminine” or “girly” like lace. Lace might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who like to get dolled up for the courts; lace skirts may be just the thing to make them feel both girly and athletic. The easygoing fabric allows for a lot of quick movements and standing around the tennis courts looking stunning.

Fashionable Activewear

If you’re a woman who wants her tennis outfits to look a bit more sporty than girly, know that current trends have yet to leave you behind. For example, you can go old school with a pleated skirt with a colored stripe near the bottom. If you’re not into skirts, shorts may be the way to go. Even if you’re not the skirt type, you can still show off a bit of your girlishness in subtle ways. One way is with a short trimmed with materials such as lace. The look is feminine without having to resort to a doily-like look. If you thought skorts were out of style, think again. In 2013, tennis skorts have been updated with fun colors and fashionable details such as outside pleating. Skorts are a look for the woman who wants to be active yet fun at the same time.

In tennis, dresses have never gone out of style. Like the previously mentioned crew neck dresses, this type of attire has lasted for decades in the sport of tennis. These days, you can get dresses with splashes of color, funky collars and fashionable skirts. Gone are the days of the polo and the skirts with pleats that resemble your grandmother’s lampshade!

Trends in Golf Clothing

If there’s one trend that will never grow old in golf clothing, men or women’s, it’s argyle. A design ethic that evokes luxury and refinement, you’ll never go wrong with wearing an argyle sweater on the links. Speaking of sweaters, cardigans are another sure-fire win in women’s golf fashion. With a cardigan, you can look great while still keeping warm while playing those eighteen holes.Polos, polos, polos. Women (and men) have been wearing polos at the golf course for time immemorial. They’re an easy and inexpensive way to look like you’re one of the crowd when you’re on the green with your significant other or business associate. Nowadays, you can buy polos in an array of colors, letting you have a bit of fun and whimsy on the course.

Sweater dresses have also been a mainstay in the women’s golf clothing tradition. Not only does it make getting dressed a very simple process, it lets you stay fashionable and can serve you well fashion-wise off the course. There’s nothing chicer than taking a gray sweater dress from an 18-hole day to the supermarket to the school to pick up the kids.

Just because you play golf or tennis doesn’t mean you have to wear unshapely sweats. Nowadays, it’s very easy to look either girlishly feminine or tough, sleek and powerful. Wherever you fashion senses lay, there are clothes that will complete your look.